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Urban Biophilia

Inclusive Community Housing Design

Champaign has been in the trend of diversification, whereas the housings in the midtown area have failed to meet the specific needs of very diverse communities who are the potential tenants. Thus, I created various types of unit plans and laid specific amenities to accommodate the needs of different groups of residents.

Interior and exterior green spaces are developed with sustainable strategies, integrated within the common and community spaces, to promote both mental and physical well-being for the residents, encouraging positive human and environment interaction and activities. 

Experimental sustainable designs are implemented to conserve and recycle resource as much as possible: light shelves in units extend the natural light zone and result in solar heating in cold northern climate; light wells for the co-working establishment increase productivity; photo-voltaic (PV) modular curtain wall panels can facilitate building to take good advantage of solar energy; porous permeable pavement on courtyards and roof garden supplies the greenhouse irrigation system.

Individual Project
UIUC Spring 2020
Tool: Rhino 7, Revit, AutoCAD, Illustrator, Photoshop, Enscape
Site / S First St, Champaign, IL
Instructor /  Prof. Lynne Dearborn
Studio / Design for Wellbeing
Earl Prize Nominated
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Ground Floor Plan
Second Floor Plan
Typical Residential Floor Plan
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Exploded Axonometric
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